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Draw like a



Join our digital art school and learn the skills professionals use


- Gain confidence in your art 

- Develop an amazing portfolio

- Learn from entertainment pros


Want to get a feel before committing? Check out our free intro-class

Even the pros needed to be taught.

You’re inspired by beautiful movies, games, and books, but those were made by masters. Can you really learn to be like them?

You have great ideas in your head. The coolest hero, the most innovative environment, the fiercest creature. But then you put pen to paper and you feel the gap between what you know how to draw and what you wish you could create.

That’s because you haven’t been mentored before.

Professionals in any field needed to be taught. No one tells an aspiring engineer to just go practice, or a baker to just keep mixing random ingredients together. But society thinks that’s how art skills develop. Not so. You need a teacher, structure, and feedback.


We demonstrate techniques with live examples directed by the class, we show the strategies that make a piece successful, and most importantly, we give real-time feedback and personalized critique. You will learn at an accelerated rate and gain confidence in your abilities and potential.

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How You'll Learn

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We teach the techniques, strategies, and even the science behind creating beautiful images

Gain Professional Tools

We review your art and show you how to specifically take your skill to the next level

Improve Quickly

We develop new curriculum to keep learning engaging and fun. No semester is ever the same

Enjoy The Learning



Are Saying About Us


"My child loves this class! He was taught the tools and ideas to help him excel, but was still allowed the freedom to create and apply his own take on things."

- Krystal Swan    (Happy Parent)


"The quality is top-notch! Also, each semester is different but continues to build skills. I love that the kids get personalized feedback on each assignment. I really like that the instructor works in the industry and can bring that hands-on knowledge into the classroom."

- ToriAnn Perkey    (Happy Parent)


"This class will help you improve, no matter who you are! When I first joined, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the worst in the class, but I was still able to improve and grow. Now I’m one of the longest repeat students in the class, and I still feel like I’m getting just as much out of it. I don’t feel like it’s a beginner class, I don’t feel like it’s an advanced class. Because of the way the class is structured, you can improve no matter what skill level you think you’re at."

- Josh Millward    (Repeat Student)


We were featured on the front page of the Daily Herald. Check out the full article.

“Allen has spent countless hours with pop culture icons like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi and others from the Star Wars brand. He has honed his digital art skills and now has the opportunity to share them”

“Any student can learn and cultivate skill by careful study and practice. Their dedication to professional techniques will bring about rapid growth and results. A true study of art teaches goal setting, increases self-drive, and enhances success in all aspects of life”

The Specifics

- Interactive Live sessions
- Recorded Classes
- Written Lesson Recaps


- New content every semester
- Instruction from pro artists
- Money back guarantee

  • What do I need to do to achieve substantial artistic results?
    1. Sign up for the class 2. Show up 3. Be engaged 4. Do your homework 5. Create SICK artwork
  • I don’t have a lot of art experience, is that okay?
    - No worries! - Our class is structured to enable you and teach you at any level. We show you the way professionals approach artwork, and we provide feedback regularly to help the lessons really sink in.
  • I’ve taken classes before and am very familiar with illustration and digital art. Will I still get value out of these classes?
    - Yes! - Our curriculum utilizes the same techniques employed by recognized universities with high animation job placement. You’ll have opportunities to learn from and get critique from industry professionals.
  • Class already started, can I still join?
    - Absolutely! - Please reach out to us and we’ll talk about the best next time to join at the start of a lesson topic. - We’ll also work with you on how to start without paying for the classes you missed.
  • What materials must students bring?
    - A fully charged iPad and Apple Pencil. The application Procreate must be purchased and downloaded onto the device before class. - Procreate is a drawing and painting app that has a one-time low cost. - Learn more about the required materials on our "Materials" Page. - Sharpened Stylus does not lend devices nor do we allow sharing or borrowing between students.
  • How do I contact Sharpened Stylus?
    - Text or call us at: 747-231-1178 - Email us at:
  • Why these times?
    - Our instructor and guest artists often hold full-time 3D Animation jobs, and need to be at the office during standard business hours. - This time may not be convenient, but it is an opportunity for students to receive in-person instruction from industry professionals and we need to respect their work hours. - Also think about other extracurriculars. Sports teams, music lessons, theater, and a lot of other activities are also early in the morning or late in the evening. Art is also worth the sacrifice.
  • I'm an Adult are these classes still for me?
    - Absolutely! - Our curriculum utilizes the same techniques employed by recognized universities with high animation job placement. You’ll have opportunities to learn from and get critique from industry professionals.
  • My kid is younger than 11 years old. Can they still join?
    - Likely if they're 9 or 10 and are dedicated to learning they could be a great fit! Please reach out to us! - We have accepted a number of younger students who have done very well in the class. We just want to make sure that this is something that will be a good fit for them and that they are able to benefit from the things we have prepared.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    - We record our lessons so if you need to miss you can go back and watch what we covered! - We also send out emails that break down what we learned in that lesson, the next steps in the current assignment, and links to the slides and class recordings.
  • What are the class rules?
    - Respect each other and the instructor. - Bring required supplies. - Follow the current Nebo School District health rules. - Food is not allowed in the classroom.
  • How are the online sections different from the in-person sections?
    - It’s not! Aside from interfacing with the instructor through a monitor instead of seeing them in the same room as you, everything is the same. - We teach the same material, have the same interactive feedback, and still do student art critiques.
  • I still have questions, where do I get answers?
    - Reach out! We’d be happy to talk with you! - Text, call, or email us using the contact information listed at the bottom of every page of our website.


Ready to level up your art?

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