Class Info

Class Objective

Enabling aspiring artists, this digital art class by Sharpened Stylus provides in-person lessons to develop computer illustration talent and mastery of general art principals. Students will be taught by industry professional Nathan Allen from Lucasfilm Animation and other guest instructors using the application Procreate on the iPad with an Apple Pencil. 


The class objective is to teach students advanced digital art abilities. Any student can learn and cultivate skill by careful study and practice. Their dedication to professional techniques will bring about rapid growth and results. A true study of art teaches goal setting, increases self-drive, and enhances success in all aspects of life.


We run this class year round and have programs in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Check out the calendar page for more information.

Class Breakdown

The weekly class starts with gesture drawing practice, moves into the lesson, and concludes with an exercise. There will be simple take-home assignments and an expectation to actively maintain a sketchbook. Growing talent comes from habit and practice.


Gesture Drawing

The first 15 minutes of class will start with gesture drawing. Students will sketch from human or object references. This will warm up the students and teach critical drawing skills. There will be no nude references, and all subjects will be in bathing suits or fully clothed.



Throughout gesture drawing the instructor will walk through the class and personally review each student's assignment from the previous week and provide feedback and instruction. 



The next 20 minutes will be instruction on the week’s topic. The lesson will cover subjects such as color, style, perspective, composition, or design. The lecture includes short assignments, slides, and demonstrations. Guidance on how to use Procreate will be given during this time. 



The remainder of class will be spent on a longer assignment designed to help the students internalize the principles taught in the lesson. The instructor will walk through the class and provide individual direction during this segment. 


Assignments range from copying quality examples, applying techniques to self chosen references, and creating original art. The assignment may conclude in a single class or span between classes by applying multiple principles to a single piece.


Take Home Assignment

It is expected that a student maintains a sketchbook and draws for 15 minutes a day. 

A required task and an optional stretch task will be given each week for students to maximize their progress and learning. Such assignments should take two hours a week. 

Excelling at art comes no differently than in sports, music, or academic learning. Success requires regular effort and practice.