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Class Info

Class Objective

Enabling aspiring artists, this digital art class by Sharpened Stylus provides in-person lessons to develop computer illustration talent and mastery of general art principals. Students will be taught by industry professional Nathan Allen from Lucasfilm Animation and other guest instructors using the application Procreate on the iPad with an Apple Pencil. 


The class objective is to teach students advanced digital art abilities. Any student can learn and cultivate skill by careful study and practice. Their dedication to professional techniques will bring about rapid growth and results. A true study of art teaches goal setting, increases self-drive, and enhances success in all aspects of life.


We start classes multiple times a year. Check out the calendar page for more information.

Class Breakdown

Our classes utilize a number of components to help everyone learn. Some of the tools we use are listed below. With this, please also note that there are take-home components to our courses. Growing talent comes from habit and practice.


Gesture Drawing

Most classes start with some time spent gesture drawing. Students will sketch from human or object references. This will warm up the students and teach critical drawing skills. There will be no nude references, and all subjects will be in bathing suits or fully clothed.



Feedback is an important part of learning and growth. One way we fit in time for one on one feedback with the students is on work days. During a work day the instructor will walk through the class and personally review students' assignments by giving suggestions, teaching, and listening to the students questions. If the class is online, students will be able to submit artwork for potential review and live draw overs with the class watching.



Our classes aren't about just giving a topic and letting the students go. We feel it is important to spend time teaching art principles such as color, style, perspective, composition, or design. We always curate the principles to the current assignment and we give examples. This lecture portion of the class may includes short assignments, slides, and demonstrations. Also guidance on how to use Procreate will be given during this time. 


Take Home Assignment

To help students succeed we reiterate what was taught in the class with a weekly email. This email will outline the current project and show the steps that the student should be working on that week. 

Excelling at art comes no differently than in sports, music, or academic learning. Success requires regular effort and practice.

  • What is the class rate?
    - The rate is $25 a class. - Payment periods are broken into 5 class increments and requested in advance of the classes. - Refer to our "Payments" Page for the most up to date information and to see how to submit payments.
  • Where is the class?
    - Right now our class is held at the Springville Summit Center (The former Springville Jr Highschool), but additional locations and online classes may be added. - Please refer to our "Contact and Location Info" Page for the most up to date information.
  • How do I sign up?
    - Please follow the steps outlined on our "Sign Up" Page! If you have any questions feel free to Contact us
  • What materials must students bring?
    - A fully charged iPad and Apple Pencil. The application Procreate must be purchased and downloaded onto the device before class. - Procreate is a drawing and painting app that has a one-time cost of $10. - Learn more about the required materials on our "Materials" Page. - Sharpened Stylus does not lend devices nor do we allow sharing or borrowing between students.
  • How do I contact Sharpened Stylus?
    - Text or call us at: 747-231-1178 - Email us at:
  • The current program has already started. Can I still join?
    - If there are spots available, we are happy to accept interested students. Please contact us.
  • Why so early?
    - Our instructor and many guest artists currently hold full-time 3D Animation jobs. It is an opportunity for students to receive in-person instruction from current industry professionals and we need to respect their work hours.
  • What precautions are taken regarding health and the spread of COVID-19?
    - The class follows current state and city guidelines on social distancing and mask wearing. - The classroom is large and allows for plenty of space between each student. - The room is regularly cleaned by a full time janitorial staff. - Students are required to stay home if they are sick or have a fever. - A wash station is provided in the classroom.
  • I'm an Adult are these classes still for me?
    - Thanks for your interest! You would definitely fit in and be welcome! - Our advanced class has many adults, some in college and some post college.
  • What happens if I can’t make a class?
    - There are no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes. - If you have extenuating circumstances or questions please contact us. We are always happy to work with you!
  • What are the class rules?
    - Respect each other and the instructor. - Bring required supplies. - Follow the current Nebo School District health rules. - Food is not allowed in the classroom.
  • Any Endorsements?
    - This class was featured on the front page of the Daily Herald. Check out the article - BYU Animation professors, public education leaders in the Nebo school district, other local art instructors, and parents of students have good things to say about us. We're working to build an endorsement page, but don't have it up and running yet. Check back later to see all the positive remarks.
  • Other Questions?
    - Contact us - Text or call us at: 747-231-1178 - Email us at:


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