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To Join the class you'll need to complete the sign up form and send in the payment for the first 5 classes. More information on this can be found in the form and on the payment page

Informational Videos
  • Hello, my name is Nathan and I’m an instructor at Sharpened Stylus. 

  • My experience comes from working with companies such as Hasbro, National Geographic, Sony, Disney and Lucasfilm Animation. Most recently I’ve been part of the team that makes Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Bad Batch. 

  • At Sharpened Stylus we use our entertainment industry experience to teach digital art with an animation studio approach and focus. 

    • This means learning how to design: characters and creatures, props and scenes, worlds and experiences in a way that focuses on story. 

    • We also emphasize the advantages of the digital medium by demonstrating resources and programs which are part of what makes computer art such a limitless and awesome place to create. 

  • We’d love to have you join us and are excited to see what art you create!

Class  Structure
  • At Sharpened Stylus we teach how to use an iPad and Apple Pencil to create digital art using the app Procreate. 

  • Our classes are for anyone 11 years or older. 

    • The curriculum teaches design principles and techniques that can be applied at any level. Our personalized feedback and individual interaction helps you wherever you are at and leads to growth in the area most relevant to your skill. 

    • Because of this, a typical demographic in our classes is split between adults and youth. 

    • We have students completely new to art, and students that are paid art professionals in the same room. We’ve seen parents watch what their kids are doing and decide to sign up themselves. 

    • We take pride in the breadth of skill that our students have when they first join our class and are confident that we can help anyone at any level grow. 

  • Our program is set up using lecture and workshop classes. 

    • Our lectures use slides, demonstrations, interactive assignments, and other tools to teach a principle and explain a project.

    • Our workshops are when students continue their project as part of class time. This is when the instructor will provide personal feedback and teach you how to enhance your project and push your skill. 

    • Each projects typically last two to three weeks and we expect much of the work to be done at home.

    • Most of our classes start with short gesture drawings from images displayed on a projector as a way for students to warm up before we jump into the lesson or workshop.

  • Sharpened Stylus hugely values our students' interests. We always want to hear what kind of art or project sounds cool or interesting to you. We are constantly developing new curriculum and strive to build a class that grows with you and always adds value to you as an artist. 

Class  Information
  • Our classes are held in person or online and information on the location and time can be found on our website

    • Please become familiar with the website and information there.

      • We have pictures, maps, and even diagrams to help you find our classroom easily. 

      • Our class calendar can be subscribed to and quick information on the dates and time is also clearly laid out. 

  • We send out a weekly email that outlines each project, links students to class slides and resources, and provides important class updates.

    • This communication is a very important part of the class experience and is a vital resource if you have to miss a class. 

  • Students need to provide their own iPad and apple pencil and need to have the app Procreate purchased and ready to go before class. 

    • All the work done in class will be done on the iPad and it becomes very hard to participate if you forget your device or if it is not charged. We do not lend devices to students and we discourage sharing or borrowing between students. These are valuable tools and we don’t want anything to happen to anyone's property.

  • To create a great environment and keep our space safe and clean we have a few class rules. 

    • First and most importantly we ask that all students respect each other and the instructor. 

      • Sometimes art can be intimidating as we try things we haven’t done before or a piece doesn’t turn out how we were envisioning. We never want anyone to feel judged or like they failed, so we ask everyone to be encouraging and kind.

    • We are very fortunate to have the rooms and tools we do. To help keep things clean and nice we ask students to not bring food or drinks into the classroom. A closed lid water should be the only exception to this. 

    • Health and safety is a high priority at Sharpened stylus. 

      • We follow the Nebo School District health rules, and will keep students informed with any updates or requirements made by them.

      • If you are feeling sick we ask that you not come to class. Our weekly email will keep you up to speed with the content covered on any specific date and we encourage you to reach out to the instructor if you have any questions about the content of an email lesson or project. 

Reserve  Spot
  • To reserve your spot you will need to send us payment for the first 5 classes and complete the Sign Up Form.

    • Please go to the “Payments” page on our website to see how to reach us on Venmo and what the rate of our classes. 

    • The Sign Up Form can be reached and filled out through our “Sign Up” page on our website.
      If you have any questions about reserving your spot please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • We are so excited to have you join Sharpened Stylus and allow us to help you grow your digital art talent! See you soon!

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